Hair Myths Revealed

Hair myths are very commonly mistaken for truths.  Don't worry we are all guilty of it.  As a client you come into the salon with inquires for your stylist, but doesn't it always seem like one person says one thing and the next stylist has a completely opposing point of view?  Worry no further, the search for the truth is over.  Here are a few of the most common myths revealed.

If you shampoo less often will your scalp gradually produce less oil?

The unfortunate fact is no.  No matter how often you shampoo, your hair produces the same amount of oil.  Cutting back on your shampoos will have no effect on your sebaceous glands.  Genetics and hormones will determine the amount of oil you produce.  In fact, not shampooing will cause dirt and oil to accumulate on your scalp and hair follicles, which can cause inflammation and irritation that might even stunt your hair growth. So whether or not you have an oily scalp, how often you wash your hair a just a personal decision you have to make.  For you every few days... kinda washers. Have you been introduced to the wonderful salon favorite, L'Oreal Professionnel Fresh Dust, a dry shampoo?  It's a great alternative for those days when you just don't have time to deal with washing.

Is dandruff caused from dry scalp?

This is actually one of the largest misconceptions in the hair world. Dandruff is not caused by dry scalp at all.  Dandruff is actually caused by a fungus growing on your scalp.  Hair follicles and oil glands make an oil called sebum, which may be a breading ground for yeast or fungus.  This fungus usually grows on your skin, but too much fungus or yeast is the culprit for dandruff.  Not drinking enough water or being exposed to a lot of dry air can cause the skin to dry out and flake, which can appear like dandruff but is not (this is a very common mistake).
If you suffer from dandruff a quick and easy solution can be found by using a specialty shampoo, such as, L'Oreal Professionnel Instant Clear.  Shampoos containing Ketoconazole  (fights dandruff causing fungus), Selenium Sulfide (slows the build up of dead skin cells and fights fungi) or Pyrithione zinc (antibacterial, antifungal) will do the trick.  A few natural remedies for this are buying a 5% tea tree oil shampoo or a 2% lemongrass shampoo. Both fight the fungus causing dandruff. So next time your in the salon, discuss this with your stylist and they should be able to point you in the right direction to a few of these products.

Will growing my hair longer hide my baldness?

Sorry guys, but absolutely not!  Taking your hair short on the sides and back is almost always the best way to minimize the appearance of thinning hair on top.  If you see scalp on top, take the sides short enough to reveal an equal amount of scalp.  This will provide balance.  In actuality it will distract the eye from the thinning on the top.  Growing hair long only serves to highlight the fact that the top is thinning.  Work with your stylist to find a short style that suits you!  A good rule of thumb is to avoid using a heavy styling product.  Most styling aids cause the hair to separate or clump together, only revealing the scalp even more.  Use a small amount of a very light product to give control without a lot of separation.  A good hairspray might even be the best option for many of you.

Does rinsing your hair with cold water make it shinier?

If only it were that simple... Your hair contains no living cells and therefore does not react to hot or cold water.  Use conditioners and styling products which contain silicons and oils to smooth down the cuticle.  Don't forget about that gloss next time you go in for your next color service.  That is a sure way to get healthy looking shiny hair.

Does smoking cause grey hair?

In addition to increasing your risks of contracting deadly diseases.  Smoking can also cause your hair to pre-maturely grey.  A study carried out by researchers in England in 1997 discovered smokers were 4x more likely have grey hair than non-smokers.  Smoking adds stress to the body which in turn leads to pre-mature aging and loss of production of melanocytes.  Grey hair is formed when the melanocytes in the hair follicle stop producing melanin(pigment).  To make matters vicious, smoking has also been conclusively linked to accelerated hair loss.    

Hopefully of all the many myths that are out there, you were able to obtain answers to a few of them here!  Answers to these myths are just a click away.  Periodically take the time to educate yourself and you will acquire knowledge. In which case, you can rattle off about random facts to forward to others, such as yourself, in the future! 

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