Men's Hair Trends


"The Undercut"
 This cut has been the talk of the town for quite a minute. It appeals to lots of types of men, the edgy man with a messy top or the clean cut man who can slick it back. This "undercut" may also transition into the famous man bun or pony.

"The Pomp"
 Big hair don't care has graced ourselves with its presence this year. The James Dean and Elvis Presley era is back! Men are liking the short sides with major volume on top.

"The Fade" The Fade has been around for quite some time now. Lately we have been seeing more high and tight or the flat top. Also many men have been doing custom designs to set there fades apart like cut in parts or lines on certain areas of the head.

"The Classic"
 The Classic Gentleman cut has never really stopped being in trend. We saw a lot more of it due to the show Mad Men. But its defiantly always a go to for that business man.


Every man has his own style from fun and funky to business casual. 
Whats your hair persona?

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