Green With A Lot Less Envy

Photo Via: Bri Emery/Instagram: @designlovefest

From sun damaged hair to chlorinated green ends, the Summer months bring some interesting hair challenges. Most of which can be solved with the right prep work and product so you can go on vacation (or stay-cation) with out having to worry about your locks.

Poolside or Under the Sea
Don't get me wrong, there is something special about fresh out of the ocean beach hair. It's one of my all-time favorite looks, but if you are going to be in the sun and salt or chlorinated water for an extended period of time a little protection can go a long way.  To avoid dry, fragile ends from becoming a summertime souvenir you need to remember two things: water and conditioner. 
    • Before you head out, pre-rinse your hair in the shower. 
    • Wring out the excess water. You want the hair to be wet, but not dripping. 
    • While your hair is still damp, apply conditioner through the mid-lengths and ends and comb through.
    • Here is the important part, don't rinse! Leave your hair wet with the conditioner still in.
    • Rock a loose braid or a cute top knot for the day. 
    • After your day of fun in the sun use a clarifying shampoo, like Pureology Purify, to remove any unwanted product or toxins on your hair and condition as usual.

Seeing Green?
 There is a few things you can do to remedy the unwanted pastel dip die look:
    • Ketchup/Tomato Paste: As much as this seems like an old wives tale, this actually works (Thanks Grandma!). Apply to the affected areas and let sit for 20 or so minutes. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo with a clarifying shampoo for good measure.
    • Baking Soda: Make a baking soda solution. Using a mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water distribute through the hair while in the shower. Work through the hair for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. You can then follow your normal shampooing routine.
    • Malibu C Swimmers Treatment: This treatment uses crystals made from ascorbic acid, betaine and organic aloe vera leaf to remove the mineral deposits that cause the green tint while restoring the hair's shine and softness. This is a more professional alternative to the at-home treatments (and it won't leave your hair smelling like ketchup).

Think of your hair as a sponge. If it is wet and lathered in conditioner, it won't have room to soak up the salt water and chlorine that can lead to dry, fragile ends. For an extension client, I can not stress this prep work enough. It's a simple extra step to avoid the harsh removal process or a possible unwanted haircut at the end of a trip. So lather up, and enjoy a good hair day all Summer long.