Fall Hair Color Trends!

"Red Hair, Don't Care" (the pop of color) So for all you that may be wanting something extreme yet subtle, this Fall can break you out of your shell! One of the many trendy colors this season is that beautiful shade of red! You Have a few choices of how you could incorporate this daring color:

1. A few peekaboo panels.
2. Highlights all throughout.
3. Feathered in with dip died ends.


"Hello Sombre, Goodbye Ombre" (the soft blend) For those of you that were not very fond of the Ombre trend, worry no longer! Sombre is a great soft transition to blending that harsh color line you had from root to ends. Think of the "S" as the key indication of a softer ombre. This is a great way of making your color look natural instead of intentional or that you just didn't have time to get your roots done (lol).  The technique of sombre can be used in any color situation, Blonde/Carmel/Pastel etc. 

"Dimensional Blonde" (the sun kissed
hair with a soft base) The dimensional blonde is a subtle yet noticeable addition to your already beautiful blonde locks. Many stylists like to add dimension around the fall to give your hair a extent of magnitude! Just like the seasons that change, your hair can also have a slight change. Now this trend has a soft brown base instead of those bright summer base colors. Just have fun with it! <3
I hope to see all you lovely ladies try some of these Fall trends out!  You Can do it!

No matter what you'll always be beautiful...fabulous...and, most of all,  YOU!

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