Styles 2011 - How-to-do Hairdos

The top knot, the low chignon and the romantic braid, are all the styles that have made it strong through each season of 2011 and will continue to do so into 2012…

The top knot is by far a feminine and fashionable alternative to the ponytail.  To create this stellar knot, start by prepping the hair with Pureology’s Texture Twist, continue by teasing the hair with soft tension.  Pull the hair back into a high ponytail, secure with a band and spray Pureology’s Strengthening Control Hairspray.  Tease the ponytail a little bit more to add volume and texture.  Then wrap a big section around the band, making sure to flare the hair (don’t smooth it though, the point of the top knot is to have an undone shabby chic look.).  As you shape the bun, add bobby pins to secure the hair and finish by spraying Pureology’s Glossing Mist.
The low chignon has made a huge come back this year in a tousled, flirtatious and sensual way.  To imitate this look, start by smoothing the hair loosely back into a low ponytail and secure it with a band. Spray Pureology’s Strengthening Control Hairspray to hold hair in place.  Tease the ponytail and begin to wrap a big section around the band, making sure the hair is flared.  As you shape the chignon, secure it with bobby pins allowing some hair to loosely hang out.  Top it off by spraying Pureology’s Strengthening Control Hairspray and Pureology’s Glossing Mist.

This summer’s staple, the soft, loose and romantic braid, will be going strong right into the fall and winter. To create this girly look start by adding a tiny amount of Pureology’s Dry Shine to the mid shaft and ends of hair. Loosely brush back the sides and top of the hair to the nape and begin to braid by separating the hair into 3 sections, overlapping each strand with the other until you reach the ends of the hair.  Secure the ends with a band and gently pull out a few face framing pieces, maybe a few just behind the ear.  For a dressier look, use our favorite Curl Wand by Sultra on a few of those loosely pulled out pieces.  Finish it off by spraying Pureology’s Strengthening Control Hairspray and Pureology’s Glossing Mist.

The perfect way to dress up any of these looks would be to add a headband or a hair barrette.  Feather barrettes like these are available for purchase and custom made by Kelly Scripps, stylist here at Freddie B Salon & Spa.

Each of these styles offer ultimate texture and class... perfect for any look... day/evening, red carpet glitzy and, of course, the holiday party!  For more hair and style inspiration be sure to follow our blog often!

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Color Trends for Fall / Winter 2011

As we move into the Fall/ Winter of 2011, the most common question in a salon is…      What should I do with my color? 

All of the stylists here at Freddie B Salon & Spa take into account so many different things when finding what would be the best color change for our clients as we enter a new season. 

We have all seen on the runways, the red carpet, and film/media print that the “undone” hair style is a huge hit!  That goes for color too!  Unforced and natural with soft diffusion of color is the “go to” look this season.

To get your minds in the groove for that change, here are the top tips of the trendiest color changes for this season…

1)   Sun kissed locks:  Balayage has been a huge hit this year and will continue to
be throughout this season
and the seasons to come.
It’s an individualized and
custom coloring technique
that has minimal maintenance
and shows color beautifully
for lengthy periods.


2)  Tousled color:  Ombre is going to remain as one of the top trends this year in hair, and we should expect this faded multi-chromatic hue to stay! It’s an ideal coloring technique for people with at least chin length hair, the longer the hair the more multi-harmonious hue you can get. It too, is a customized technique applied to fit the hair’s natural texture and flow of the haircut.

3)  Peek-a-boo:  Surprise panels have regained momentum and are coming back this season bigger than ever!  With this technique you can add a splash of color to any hair.  For blondes, add a surprise panel of cinnamon or, for a fun twist, a cool lilac.  For redheads, add a splash of soft rose or electric marmalade.  For brunettes, add a band of espresso or a shock of blue violet!

4)  Heat it up:  It’s a gold rush from honey and amber to chestnut and maple!  Warm tones are always popular in the fall and winter seasons.  It’s important to warm up our colors in these seasons because our skin complexions change and warmer for winter is always a safe bet.  Warm tones can be used as a
single process, face framing highlights/lowlights or even as surprise panels.

5)  Happy Healthy Hair:  Ammonia free simply can’t be beat!  With so many advances in color over the years we now have the opportunity to choose better products for our hair!  At Freddie B Salon & Spa, we are proud to offer an extensive array of ammonia free products from demi-permanents to (you betcha) permanent colors that cover 100% gray hair!!!  To maintain those healthy happy locks at home we offer vegan and natural products and our favs are Pureology & Moroccan Oil!

The color trends this fall & winter are as fabulous as ever!  Be sure to follow our BLOG frequently, because in the coming weeks we'll be posting How-to do's for you at home :)

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