Why Massage?

A groundbreaking study at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, Canada was recently published in “The Science of Transitional Medicine”.  It demonstrated that massage therapy post exercise decreases inflammation & increases healing. This just proves what most people have always known, massage is a valuable alternative medical modality.

With so many massage modalities to choose from, what is best for you?

Here are a few of the many that we can offer you at Freddie B Salon & Spa...


Swedish – Uses long kneading strokes & sometimes
light rhythmic tapping. This technique can be both
relaxing and/or energizing.


Deep Tissue – Usually slow deliberate strokes are applied to the muscle layers & tendons.  Used to treat painful areas of the body to help relieve chronic patterns of tension & muscle injuries.

Sports – Used to aid muscles pre/post exercise to promote flexibility, prevent injury & aid in the healing process.

Hot Stone – Uses warm basalt stones on the body, providing a deep soothing heat for increased relaxation, also great for arthritis pain.

Pregnancy - A great way to help relieve swelling, joint pain & discomfort at a time when most medication cannot be used. Clearance from your Obstetrician is mandatory before receiving any alternative therapies.


Even with all this information, what it really boils down to is how your feeling on the day you come in for your massage.  Even if your not an Olympian, you could still need a sports massage.  This could be because you stand, walk all day or lift things for your job.  Did you just come back from that great vacation where you walked all over the place? If yes was the answer to any of these, then maybe a sports massage is right for you!

It could also be as simple as you feeling stressed/overwhelmed by work, a relationship or some other life change.  If that’s the case, then we can do a more relaxing massage to get you centered and on your way back to normal.

So whatever your feeling on the day of your massage we can offer a variety of modalities to meet your needs... because everyday is different and demands a different massage  :)

We look forward to seeing you soon ...

ventura, ca