Is there such a thing as the "Perfect Haircut"?

    Is there such a thing as the "Perfect Haircut"?  Good question !!  After growing out mullets and being attacked by thinning shears, I have learned from receiving bad haircuts and now have a good idea of what works for me.  I bet you have had similar experiences.  It is important to communicate with your stylist and trust your instincts to avoid this.  I believe a client should be educated by their Hairstylist so they can make the best hair decisions possible.  So here are some things to ponder about before you take on the shears for that new summer cut.

  When I get a new client in my chair, I always examine her style, face shape, hair texture, eyes, and hair lines.  Before I begin her haircut, I like to ask her several questions: Is she comfortable using a round brush, does she blow dry, does she have a natural curl pattern, and does she need it long enough to pull back into a ponytail?  This dialog provides me the feedback to execute the best cut that will compliment her profile, as well as her lifestyle at work and play.

Mid-Length Aline-Bob
Short A-Line bob
  The hair cut should also compliment your body shape, your height, silhouette, face shape, and personal style.  The right haircut can make you appear thinner and taller.  For example a short petite client would not want her hair length to be past her waist.  It would make her appear unbalanced and shorter than she is.  A larger framed client would benefit from having her hair length to her clavicle or longer to slim her face shape and body. 

Blunt Fringes Bob Haircut

   A round face shape client would benefit from  a long layered hair cut with the layers from the jawline and lower or a a-line style bob haircut that is shorter in the back and longer in the front. Both options would give a slimming effect on the client's bone structure.  I might also add blunt fringes to add more angles to the cuts.

Diamond Layers
  A slender oval or long face shape client would look amazing with diamond-shaped layers with the widest points at either side of the check bones, so the face will appear more full and youthful.  Fringes would be a nice option as well to shorten the distance from the forehead to the chin.

Heart Shaped Face

  To balance a heart shape face client, I would make sure the layers are cut fuller at the bottom and make the cut shoulder length so that it brings width to the jaw line to balance the broad cheek bones.  Any volume should be below the ears, because fullness on top of the head only emphasise the pointed chin.  Side-swept fringes also complements the face and brings eyes into play.

Option 2
Long Layers Styled inward

   For a client that dislikes her neck and jowls, I would recommend two ways to detract attention.   One way would be to cut longer layers that can be styled inward and towards the face.  It would  beautifully camouflage the neck area.  The second option would be a much shorter hair length that would be above the jaw line.  I would add lots of layers in the top of the crown area, and would recommend longer side swept bangs that would bring attention to the clients lovely eyes.

Square face with soft layers

Square face clients look best with tousled texture,  soft graduated layers, or razored ends to soften the strong lines on the jaw bone. Square faced clients should avoid any a-line bobs or sharp cuts.

Lengthen Neck and Soften Jawline

   When a client has a short neck, I would open the area up by layering the hair between the jawline and the clavicle bone to remove some of the excess length and weight.  Length at the clavicle or just below would be maintained.  
Pixie Cut for Round Face

  Another choice of style would be a pixie cut.  This would be a beautiful option for a small face shape that would bring her petite features into balance and preventing the hair from overwhelming her silhouette.  This cut could also be a sweet look for a round face shape that would bring dimension the the cheekbones.


  Every client is unique and fabulous in her own way, which can make seeking the "Perfect Haircut" a task that can be very overwhelming.  Fortunately, the stylists here at freddie b salon & spa are here to make it easier! ... transforming your ideas and words into a tailored and personalized cut just for YOU !!

by shonti conner, stylist/makeup artist
ventura, ca