New Year..New Image..Healthy, Happy Hair!

Make 2012 the year to treat your hair with care.
The outdoor elements of fall and winter
can be very damaging and harsh on your hair. January is the perfect time to reflect 
and make improvements for the future.
This year make the health of your hair a priority by giving it the renewal and extra TLC it deserves. 
Discover Natural Indulgence and start 2012
fresh with Pureology!

At Freddie B Salon & Spa, we highly recommend the Pureology line to all of our clients.  In fact, it is the primary hair care line we use in the salon. "If you love your haircolour, choose no other."  Being color addicts ourselves, we understand the importance for clients to be able to maintain the "salon vibrancy" of their hair color at home.

Pureology's answer is in their Dual Benefit system; which is hair care tailored for each specific color- treated hair type...Dry thirsty hair, Damaged, Distressed, Thin hair lacking volume, Over processed blondes, Unruly and frizzy hair. Whatever your hair dilemma, Pureology has the solution.

As a hair stylist I swear by the miracle of Pureology and use nothing else on my own hair or my clients hair. Not only am I able to constantly change my hair color according to the newest and latest trends, but I am also able to maintain the desired color due to the Anti-Fade Complex that Pureology integrates into everyone of their products.  The Anti-Fade Complex is made of essential anti-oxidants to defend against colour fading free radicals and contain UVA/UVB sunscreens that help maintain the salon vibrancy of your color.  All the shampoos are Zero Sulfate, formulated to naturally cleanse the hair by use of coconut, corn and sugar, also making their products 100% vegan.

"My hair dresser recommended Pureology to me about a year ago and I have been addicted ever since!  I use the Colour Max UV Spray protector and the Split End corrector, the Anti-Split Blow Dry lotion and the Silk Bodifier styling mousse. I mix them all together and call it my daily hair cocktail!  My hair feels amazing and looks so healthy and shiny. I love the way it makes my hair manageable again and look and feel much healthier. I love this line and will never use anything different." - Amanda Clark - freddie b salon & spa client

Pureology is giving their line a face lift by introducing their new and improved  zero waste packaging.  The new Zero Waste packaging is designed so that the consumer does not miss a drop of this highly coveted and luxurious potion. The shampoo packaging now uses 39% less water in the manufacturing process and are all 100% recyclable. Pureology is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability, so not only can you have amazingly healthy hair with vibrant long lasting color but you can help the environment as well.  The new look of the line is very modern, sleek, sophisticated, and takes up minimal shelf space.

The new packaging is launching this February so make sure to stop by and treat your hair to the most luxurious experience it will ever have.  If you have not been introduced or experienced Pureology, do it now!  You will be as addicted to it as we are!!!!!
This year our stylists will be showcasing their top styling Pureology "Picks of the Month", beginning in January! This month is focused on the Colour Max UV Spray Protector, Essential Repair Split End Leave-in conditioner and Anti-Breakage Twist. Stay tuned to see what is in store next month!

ventura, ca